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  • The problem of overwork...

    ...needs no introduction. Overwork is the new normal. We all do it, but few of us find that longer hours make us more productive. This is no surprise to neuroscientists, psychologists, and sociologists who study creativity, mind-wandering, workplaces, and resilience. They've found that rest plays a critical but under-appreciated important role in creative lives.


    To survive and thrive in today's creative economy, it's necessary to learn how to do more by working less. At the Restful Company, we help you put these discoveries into practice. We show you how the right balance between work and rest, can make you and your company more creative and productive.

  • ...deliberate rest.

    Not all rest is created equal. High-tech distractions or idle hours won't restore your energy and recharge your mind, and they don't provide the material for new insights or those elusive "a-ha" moments when a new idea or solution suddenly comes to mind.


    As the new book REST: Why You Get More Done When You Work Less explains, some of history's most creative and prolific people learned how to rest in ways that balanced their spirit's need for restoration with their mind's desire to keep thinking about problems. Modern science explains why those practices worked, and how we can adapt them to today.


    To have creative breakthroughs, and to have a long creative life, it's not enough to just rest. You have to learn to practice deliberate rest.

  • One on One

    We use the principles described in REST: Why You Get More Done When You Work Less to help you discover for yourself how the right kind of rest can make you more creative and productive. We work with you to understand your work, needs, and ambitions, then help you apply deliberate rest in your own life.

  • Talks

    Schedule a keynote from REST author Alex Pang to learn about the principles of deliberate rest, hear about the science behind it, and find out how companies and individuals today are rediscovering it-- whether as strategic advantage, or a better way of life.


    Alex's keynotes and conference talks are managed by the Hachette Speakers Bureau. Schools and nonprofits can directly.

  • Workshops

    Ready to help your workplace become happier, more productive and creative? We work with organizations interested in reaping the benefits of deliberate rest. We combine workshops, fieldwork and interviews to help you build creative rest into your company's daily work and culture. These range from one-day events to months-long engagements.

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  • REST: Why You Get More Done

    When You Work Less

    The research behind the Restful Company.

    Uncovering the hidden power of rest

    Some of history's most creative and productive people-- Nobel prize-winning scientists, bestselling authors, composers, artists, politicians, even generals-- balanced intense, focused work with periods of rest. This let them spend fewer hours at work each day, gave them more time for leisure, and helped them live longer, more creative and fulfilling lives.


    REST: Why You Get More Done When You Work Less shows how they worked and rested. It applies recent insights from neuroscience, psychology, and sociology to explain how the right kinds of "deliberate rest" can make you more creative with less effort. And it shows who you can apply deliberate rest in your own life.

    Where to find REST

    REST is published in the United States by Basic Books. You can order it from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indebound. REST is available in the UK, Europe, and Australia from Penguin Books, as part of their Penguin Life series.


    A number of other publishers have contracted to release translations of REST in 2017:


    Dutch: Kosmos

    German: Arkana

    Portuguese: Circulo de Leitores

    Japanese: Nikkei Business Publications

    Chinese: Citic Press

    Korean: Korea Economic Daily & Business Publications

    Czech: Management Press

    Arabic: Jarir Press

  • Rest in the World

    An ebook series exploring how deliberate rest is changing the way we work and live.

    My Morning Routine

    Available now from Amazon

    Rest in the World: My Morning Routine describes my morning writing routine, how I developed it, and the science behind it. Great for writers, designers, and other creatives.

    More titles

    Coming soon!

  • About us

    Alex Soojung-Kim Pang, Ph.D.


    Alex has worked for 15 years in Silicon Valley as a futurist and strategic consultant. He has conducted workshops on five continents, consulted with Fortune 100 companies and numerous governments (everyone from the CIA to Shiseido to Motorola), and written numerous scenarios on emerging technologies and their implications for business, politics, and society.


    Alex has held fellowships at Microsoft Research Cambridge, U.C. Berkeley and Stanford, and his books have been translated into a dozen languages. His Ph.D. is from the University of Pennsylvania.